The 2nd Deep Carbon Cycle International Conference

(Beijing, April 21-25, 2010)

Welcome to Beijing and the Deep Carbon Cycle International conference.

The Conference will bring together the world's experts in observational, experimental and computational geo-scientists, to share ideas, collaborate and identify problems and opportunities in deep carbon reservoirs, carbon flux between the Earth's deep interior and shallow geospheres, deep life and issues related to energy and environment. Participants will include more than 40 invited international speakers.

The First conference on the Deep Carbon Cycle took place at the Carnegie Geophysical Laboratory in Washington, 2008. Major unanswered questions were raised, for example: What is the origin of deep carbon? Does any primordial carbon remain in Earth’s deep interior? What is the distribution and mineralogical context of carbon in Earth’s deep interior, and has this distribution changed significantly over Earth history? How, and on what time frames, do processes of burial and subduction sequester surface carbon? How, and by what processes, is deep carbon returned to the surface and what is the net flux of this deep carbon?Do lower crust or mantle processes contribute to biologically available carbon; in particular, is there a deep, abiotic source of organic molecules in gas and petroleum.

This 2nd conference will be more specifically focusing on the following seven topics:

  1. C-H-O-S fluids in the subduction zone and mantle
  2. Carbon-bearing phases in the subduction zone
  3. Carbonates and other C-bearing minerals in Earth's deep interior
  4. Tectonic-environmental changes and the carbon cycle
  5. Volcanic activities and Earth's degasing
  6. Deep life and deep organic synthesis
  7. Role of CO2 on mantle melting

Topics beyond these but related to deep carbon study can also be included.



The Key Laboratory of the Earth's Deep Interior, Chinese Academy of Sciences



Deep Carbon Observatory Secretariat, Geophysical Laboratory, Carnegie Institution Washington


Alfred P. Sloan Foundation,USA

National Natural Science Foundation of China

Chinese Academy of Sciences

The Key Laboratory of the Earth's Deep Interior, Chinese Academy of Sciences

State Key Laboratory of Lithospheric Evolution, IGGCAS, PR China

State Key Laboratory of Ore Deposit Geochemistry, CAS, PR China

State Key Laboratory of Environmental Geochemistry, CAS, PR China